Illustrations and characters design for kids wordless picturebook / Wimmelbuch / Wimmelbook
This wordless picture book created in unique author's graphic style. Characters and all other elements are from bold simple forms but at the same time quite diverse. This fact makes them are easy for grasp but in the same time interesting for detailed staring.
I was inspired of the old school puzzle game Tetris. In this artwork i combined classical wimmelbook with an immense amount of characters and details with the strong and clear concept to desire to create order out of chaos.
When I create this design was important for me to do a versatility of the final product, to do the product with a great future in kids industry. This design can be not only the wordless book, it's can be a coloring book if i just hide the color layers. Also, this can be a puzzle-game if i do these characters from the cardboard etc.
This book is a game. Not for boring reading. This picture book grows and develops with your children. When they are very young, they will assume in the first place individual objects, colors, simple forms. Over time, they will make up with these „ingredients“ your own stories and will "reading" it to you not once. Each time "little authors" will supplement and change their stories based on their new experience and knowledge about the world around them. This is endless book. Without themes, without gender, without seasons. Design for each kid and on every day.
Main line of my research was the analysis of the children's wordless books market. And the participants were kids aged 2-5 led by my little son Tim. As a mom I noted in all the variety of choices all wordless picture books were inappropriate for this age. Either this kind of books too simple and therefore they are disposable even for 1-2 years old babies. And they very quickly lose interest in these. Or the books too difficult with overly detailed graphics. In this case they are interesting only for children for 6-7 years. Younger children can't hold attention and recognize a lot of objects and can't follow the logical chains, as a result of which they quickly lose interest to these books.
In this way i detected a some empty space in this area of market.